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"17 Ways to WOW Your Spouse" "17 Ways to WOW Your Spouse"

This is a short but powerful read. The 17 nuggets shared in this book will jump start, create synergy, and promote harmony in any marriage.

Price: $11.99
"The Universal Law of Giving" "The Universal Law of Giving"

In this eye-opening revelation, Pastor Rex A. Ricks, Sr. shares spiritual laws of giving that are set forth in the Word of God. He explains how applying these principles will cause you to experience God's supernatural intervention and provision in your life that only He can provide.

Price: $11.99
"Words of Sophia" "Words of Sophia"

Words of Sophia (Greek word for wisdom), the 2nd book of the JumpStart Your Life series, is a collection of wise quotes for everyday living.

Price: $11.99